Sunday, June 23, 2013

Recommended Venue: Stupefying Stories

The incredible SECOND issue of STUPEFYING STORIES SHOWCASE is out of the gates and already up and running on it's new permanent home, Featuring four new stories by Robert Lowell Russell, Franziska Louise, Robert Bagnall, and Joy Bernardo, it's tested, ready (mostly), and best of all, FREE!

Member Showcase

After a four-year run, the World SF blog recently closed down. Over the years it published 60 original short stories. One of them was "Irredenta" by SASS member Lou Antonelli, published March 15, 2011. Here is a link where it is archived:

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Private writers forum

SASS now has a private writers forum for members to critique and share stories. All current members should have received an invite to be an author via the email supplied on their membership application.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Member news

SASS Secretary Lou Antonelli has sold another story, this time to Carol Hightshoe at The Lorelei Signal, who will publish "Bindlestiff's Daughter" in the October 2013 issue.

The Lorelei Signal is a web based magazine dedicated to featuring strong female characters in Fantasy short stories.

"Bindlestiff's Daughter" will also be published in November in Mystic Signals, which is a print publication that includes all of the stories published in The Lorelei Signal and Sorcercous Signals, both products of Woilfsinger Productions.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Member Showcase

SASS Vice President Brad Torgerson has a story in the second issue of Galaxy's Edge, "The Flamingo Girl"
Click here to read his story. And congrats, Brad!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Recommended venue: 4 Star Stories

Illustration from "How to Have Fun at the Family Funeral" by Laura J. Underwood.
David Gray and Mary Gearhart-Gray are members of SASS and the editors of 4 Star Stories. Here is their promo for the Spring 2013 issue:


Announcing 4 Star Stories Issue 9, Spring 2013

Whether you are an old friend or a newcomer, you will find something interesting and entertaining in this issue of  4 Star Stories.

The stories in this issue encompass two main themes: Anthropology and music.

We start off the 4 Star Stories Spring 2013 Issue with Tala Bar’s unique foray into anthropological fantasy fiction in her story, “The Huntress”.

Then we have the first half of Jeremy Miller’s exciting two-part fantasy, “Horace and Juju Tip the Scales”, in which Jeremy explores some of the amazing powers of music and pure sound.

Libby A Smith continues our exploration of the power of music in her compelling science fiction story, “One Mississippi...”.

Lastly, Laura J. Underwood finishes off this issue’s stories by giving us a fun, anthropological peek into the private customs of American mountain-people in her fantasy, “How to Have Fun at the Family Funeral”.

In addition, we are proud to present for your enjoyment the amazing and beautiful work of our Guest Artist for the Spring 2013 Issue, David A. Cherry.

We round out this issue with a timely Editorial from our Editors along with useful information from your humble Webmaster. Come to visit and stay to enjoy… 4Star

Happy reading!

The Editors

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Member Showcase

Dario Ciriello's thriller novel SUTHERLAND'S RULES is free all this weekend on Amazon Kindle! Click here!


Love. Loyalty. Dope Smuggling. Parallel universes. The unquiet ghost of a dead detective.At 62, all Christian White wants is a quiet life. But between the Feds trying to close his business and the challenges posed by his open marriage to Carol--his hot, younger, bi wife--peace isn't remotely on the cards. And when Christian receives a letter from Billy, his old mate and sometime guardian angel from their hippie days, asking him to come to London and help him to collect on a forty-year-old IOU, Christian’s other problems start to look insignificant. Because the IOU is for two hundred and fifty kilos of charas, high-grade hashish from Afghanistan. And Christian owes Billy enough that he’s going to find it very hard to refuse.A smart, suspenseful caper/thriller combining the precision of a procedural with the paranoia of a spy novel. Add in a fast-moving plot and memorable characters, and "Sutherland's Rules" is a wild ride you won't easily forget!