Saturday, June 1, 2013

Member Showcase

Dario Ciriello's thriller novel SUTHERLAND'S RULES is free all this weekend on Amazon Kindle! Click here!


Love. Loyalty. Dope Smuggling. Parallel universes. The unquiet ghost of a dead detective.At 62, all Christian White wants is a quiet life. But between the Feds trying to close his business and the challenges posed by his open marriage to Carol--his hot, younger, bi wife--peace isn't remotely on the cards. And when Christian receives a letter from Billy, his old mate and sometime guardian angel from their hippie days, asking him to come to London and help him to collect on a forty-year-old IOU, Christian’s other problems start to look insignificant. Because the IOU is for two hundred and fifty kilos of charas, high-grade hashish from Afghanistan. And Christian owes Billy enough that he’s going to find it very hard to refuse.A smart, suspenseful caper/thriller combining the precision of a procedural with the paranoia of a spy novel. Add in a fast-moving plot and memorable characters, and "Sutherland's Rules" is a wild ride you won't easily forget!

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