Saturday, October 11, 2014

"Something More Than Blood"

Tune into the Debut episode of Reverie Radio for a conversation with host Lori Hays and author Barb Lien-Cooper about her novel Something More Than Blood. Learn about her different take on Vampires, crafting a novel typically written by the male persuasion and developing relatable characters who go against the "typical" criteria.

Barbara Lien writes with Park Cooper at their creative studio Wicker Man Studios, and together they have written comic books and graphic novels, including Half Dead, a creator-owned vampire graphic novel that was published jointly by Marvel Comics and Dabel Brothers Productions.

The first volume of her digital comic Gun Street Girl, drawn by Ryan Howe, was recently published by Bedazzled Ink. While co-writing a manga project for Tokyopop shortly before that company's exit from the field, Barbara and Park switched also editing and adapting manga, such as V.B. Rose for Tokyopop, Nora for Viz Media, and many, many more.

Most recently, Barb and Park started writing prose novels and stories, including Something More Than Blood, published by independent publisher Black Curtain Press.

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